2 October 2010

5th Edition of PROJECT: slingSHORT

This edition of PROJECT: slingSHORT will be screened as part of [SIN]efest, which is presented by Creative [SIN]ergy and Flynn Film Co. This event is a 3 day film festival showcasing Singapore films to the UK audience and is curated by celebrated Singapore filmmaker/ Director, Boo Junfeng. [SIN]efest is supported by The Singapore High Commission, Overseas Singaporean Unit, Singapore Airlines and Tiger Beer.

PROJECT: slingSHORT now in its 5th edition is curated by Kirsten Tan. Featuring a selection of 5 short films by up and coming filmmakers from Singapore.

Saturday 13th November, 12.00pm

Tickets by Sherman Ong
/ 10min 20sec / HD Video / 2009
Chinese girl who came to Singapore to pursue an acting career but ends up as a ticketing girl at a cinema.

- Screened at Venice Biennale

Cold Noodles by Kirsten Tan
/ 6min 40sec / 16mm B&W / 2009
Set in NY and about an Asian immigrant getting stuck outside of his ghetto-ish Brooklyn apartment only in his boxers.

- Screened at Pusan Intl Film Fest

Promises of December by Elgin Ho
/ 16min 33sec / 16mm / 2009
About impact of tsunami on the lives of a taxi driver and an indonesian maid from Aceh.

- Best film
and best director at Singapore Intl Film Fest

5 films in an anthology of a film a month
by David Shiyang
/ 22min / Super 16mm, DVCPRO-HD, HDV & miniDV / 2009
Urban lives of various characters in various places connected by a narrator.

- Screened at Cannes.

Masala mama by Michael Kam
Masala Mama / 8min 30sec / 16mm / 2010
About a gay indian mamashop owner's friendship with a chinese boy who has a homophobic dad who doubts their friendship.

Screened at Berlin Intl Film Fest

Running through this list is a theme of immigrants and immigration, of displaced characters at displaced locations. When I was programming this list, it brings to mind the globalized world we live in; the mix of races and people we encounter on a daily basis. Most of us work or live at a place where we do not completely belong, yet we are here because these places allow us a chance to dream - a chance to become who we want to be. I'm Singaporean and this list of film spoke to me as a foreigner (alien) in New York City where I'm studying and hopefully, it'll speak to the Singaporeans who live in UK. In a way, we're all travelers finding our nook in the rock of this world. -
Kirsten Tan

PROJECT: slingSHORT is an ongoing series of Singapore short film screenings occurring annually. The selection of short films for each series comes from an ensemble of up and coming Singapore short filmmakers. A different Singapore short filmmaker will curate each screening. The out going curator will select the next curator from one of the filmmakers from the current screening.

11 - 13 November 2010
The Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD

For more information please visit www.sinefest.org

[SIN]efest is presented by Creative [SIN]ergy + Flynn Film Co. and supported by The Singapore High Commission in London, Singapore Airlines, Tiger Beer and Town Hall Hotel