3 October 2010

Masala mama selected for PROJECT: slingSHORT

Masala Mama by Michael Kam has been selected for the 5th edition of PROJECT: slingSHORT. This year's screening of PROJECT: slingSHORT will be part of [SIN]efest - UK's largest Singapore film festival.

Masala Mama is a cinematic tribute to the small and almost extinct kiosks in Singapore known as ‘mama shops’. In Tamil, the word ‘mama’ means ‘uncle’. Like the film’s director when he was a boy, the young protagonist of this film is a regular customer at one such shop, where he goes to immerse in comic books and its world of super-heroes. The boy comes from a poor family with a father who cares little for such idle dreams. When the boy decides to steal a comic from the store’s gentle owner, he sets in motion a series of confrontations between his father – a man hardened by the pursuit of earning a living, and the storeowner – a man open to the pursuit of a

Masala Mama / 8min 30sec / 16mm / 2010

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Michael Kam.

Saturday 13th November, 12.00pm

11 - 13 November 2010
The Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD

For more information please visit www.sinefest.org