11 June 2009

Call For Participation in the DesignSingapore Design2050 Studios

1. The DesignSingapore Studios is a key project under the Design for Competitiveness strategy, working in tandem with other Design for Competitiveness programmes to deliver design excellence. For the Design in Clusters programme, DesignSingapore Studios seeks to boost value chain design innovation in various economic clusters.

2. The DesignSingapore Studios have two main objectives. The first is to raise design capabilities and expand design capacities in Singapore- based designers and design firms. This approach is based on the transfer of knowledge and expertise- through mentorship, international collaboration or cross-disciplinary collaboration. The second, no less significant, is to drive design IP creation and contribute towards the development of a vibrant creative culture.

Design2050 Studios
3. Design2050 Studios are commissioned as drivers of change. At this critical juncture in time, they form Singapore’s call to action, to envision and design “a life of social, economic and environmental opportunity, equity, creativity and sustainability… World 3.0”. Through several co-creation phases, Design2050 Studios will tap and deliver collective knowledge and creativity for multiple uses.

4. Led by internationally-renown design leaders, eight Studio teams based in Singapore and around the world will each develop a 2050 scenario and design proposition on a specific topic, with the goal of initiating practical, open source roadmaps for a sustainable future. The propositions are based on areas identified as critical in driving change, such as Healthcare, Food/Farming and Urban Personal Mobility.

5. As one of the co-creation phases, Design2050 Studios will present at the 2009 International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) World Design Congress (23-25 November) in Singapore, to gather feedback and stimulate creative discourse. The presentations will include a 5-minute film, along with additional material (such as prototypes) that the Studios may have developed. Studio propositions will be presented twice, as a plenary session to 800 people and in interactive exhibitions for groups of 100 people.

6. These presentations and related material will subsequently be housed at the new National Design Center in Singapore, and form part of Singapore’s critical, open-source knowledge base. This key content will support Design Learning, be a resource for Design Research & Development and facilitate Business-to-Business opportunities in Design for Enterprises.

7. The Studios have kicked off in May 2009 and will culminate in the presentations in late November 2009. The studios will be conducted in Singapore, US and UK, with a fair amount of work done remotely. While the format of each Studio may differ, applicants should be prepared to make a full commitment of their time to their respective Studios, and make several trips as the need arises. Accordingly, applicants should be fit to travel, possess a valid passport and working laptop.

8. Each Studio will be matched with Studio Co-ordinators, under DesignSingapore’s Capability Development Programme. This is a rare opportunity for designers/design students to participate fully as members of cross-disciplinary design ‘dream’ teams and network, as well as enhance their project management skills.

9. We offer a special support package comprising 100% support for long distance travel and accommodation, as well as a daily subsistence allowance pegged to the Singapore Government standard guidelines for the respective countries.

Click here for more information about, Role of Studio Coordinator, Terms and Conditions and Application Process.