12 June 2009

Mohyin Kwan's 'Splash II' presented at Summer Exhibition

Mohyin Kwan was featured at SW1 Gallery as part of Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) Summer Exhibition 2009 from 3 - 6 June. Her glass sculpture entitled 'Splash II' was presented at this exhibition. Included here are also pieces from the same collection.
@ the opening party

Mohyin Kwan with her glass sclupture

'splash II' - a wave hitting against the rock, an action frozen in a motion in time,
approx.. 280mm x 240mm, colour: Clear and cobalt blue

'trapped' - a 'turbulent' movement of water, 'trapped' in a frozen moment in time, it's approx.. 25mm x 120mm, colour: Golden amber

'resting' - figurine approx.. 220mm x 90mm, colour: Clear (opaque)

'splash I' - a water splash in action and motion, frozen in time, approx.. 108mm x 103mm, colour: Clear and cobalt blue

'peek-a-boo' - a choker, hand-crocheted netting with 'Philips' glass, mounted, cold worked and woven into the crochet netting, approx.. 40/43cm long

Mohyin Kwan featured in Summer Exhibition