26 September 2010

Uniquely Singapore - Distinctively London? Opens at Great Western Studios

Great Western Studios invited Creative [SIN]ergy to exhibit its latest collaborative project entitled, Uniquely Singapore - Distinctively London? This exhibition was held at their premise during London Design Festival from 20 - 26 September 2010.

The repeat showing of this Architectural Photographic exhibition was held at Great Western Studios on September 22 with a private view. Despite being a repeat showing, the event continued to attract dozens of visitors. Featuring the photographic works of UK-based Singaporeans from diverse creative industries, the photographs showed the juxtaposition of contemporary life in the UK and Singapore, categorised under six key activity spaces: Transit, Eating, Leisure, Retail, Living and Occupational.

Through the most generic and banal scenes of everyday life, the works aimed to question and rediscover the uniqueness of urban spaces. Anecdotal evidence of their success could be seen when some of the British visitors, who had previously been to Singapore, found the photographs consistent with their recollections of Singapore and its unique differences to their home country.

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? is presented by Creative [SIN]ergy and is supported by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), Contact Singapore, Singapore Tourism Boardand Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? features works from, Kelvin Ang | Vince Ong | Justin Zhuang | Lingxiu Chong | Randy Tan | Agnes Yit | May Anne Lee | Kevin Hung | Yue Han Teow | Janita Han | Voon Wong | Yicheng Pan | Fabrizio Matillana | Johnny Gao.

Text by Yee Hung Lim