18 September 2010

Discussion Forum: Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London?

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London?
Discussion Forum
Sunday 19th September 2010
3.00 - 6.00pm

The Crypt Gallery
St Pancras Church
Euston Road, London NW1 2BA

The Discussion Forum is free to attend but RSVP is essential.
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Discussion Forum Panelists:

Kathryn Firth, MAUD
Director of Urban Design, PLP Architecture

Kathryn Firth is a Director at PLP Architecture and urban designer with over 25 years of experience. In addition to practice, she is a visiting lecturer at the Architecture Association in the Housing & Urbanism programme. Previous to this, she ran the MSc City Design and Social Science program at the London School of Economics Cities Programme for six years. Here she led student projects addressing both urban regeneration and the establishment of new city districts. Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD). Kathryn has taught at several universities in Canada and the US, including the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Toronto. Kathryn has worked on masterplanning and urban regeneration projects in the US, Europe, South America, the Middle East and the UK. Her current work includes a mixed-use masterplan to create a new neighbourhood in Berkshire, UK, and a masterplan, in Caucaia, Brazil.

Lawrence Barth
Professor of Urbanism, Graduate School, AA

Lawrence Barth is the Professor of Urbanism at the Graduate School of the Architectural Association (Housing and Urbanism Programme). He works independently as a consultant urbanist for cities, design practices and research institutes and has collaborated with diverse architects and landscape architects including Zaha Hadid, Future Systems, Gustafson Porter, Balmori Associates, and S333. He has published widely in architecture and sociology, and is a frequently invited lecturer and critic on the role of architecture and landscape in the contemporary urban process.

Ting-Ting Zhang
Architect, Studio Egret West
William Tan
Architect, Zaha Hadid Architects

Ting-Ting Zhang and William Tan are currently designers at Studio Egret West and Zaha Hadid Architects respectively. They were educated at NUS and Cornell University. Their collaborative works have been exhibited in exhibitions such as AIA New York, Students Exhibition 2006, and the Architectural Biennial Beijing 2006; these projects have also appeared in publications such as Collective Intelligent in Design – Architectural Design (John Wiley, Sons, Inc., 2006) and Emerging Talents, Emerging Technologies (China Architecture and Building Press, 2006).

Discussion Forum Correspondents:
Voon Wong, Director, VW+BS
Vince Ong, Architect, Fosters + Partners
Kevin Hung, Architect, Serie Architects
Janita Han, Architect, FAT
Agnes Yit, Student, AA
Lingxiu, Student, AA

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? features works from, Kelvin Ang | Vince Ong | Justin Zhuang | Lingxiu Chong | Randy Tan | Agnes Yit | May Anne Lee | Kevin Hung | Yue Han Teow | Janita Han | Voon Wong | Yicheng Pan | Fabrizio Matillana | Johnny Gao.

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? is presented by Creative [SIN]ergy and supported by the Singapore International Foundation, Contact Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board, and Singapore Symphony Orchestra.