19 September 2010

Discussion Forum @ The Crypt Gallery

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London?
at the Crypt gallery concluded on 19 September with a discussion forum comprising of correspondents' presentation, followed by a panel discussion. Panelists included, Kathryn Firth (Director of Urban Design, PLP Architecture), Lawrence Barth (Professor of Urbanism, AA), William Tan (Architect, Zaha Hadid Architects) and Ting-Ting Zhang (Architect, Studio Egret West).

Correspondents present at the forum were,
Voon Wong (Director, VW+BS), Vince Ong, Architect (Fosters + Partners), Kevin Hung, (Architect, Serie Architects), Janita Han (Architect, FAT), Agnes Yit (Student, AA), Lingxiu (Student, AA).

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? is an Architectural Photographic exhibition derived from ongoing conversations on generic spaces between six pairs of architects and architectural students in London and Singapore over the past year. An online version of this dialogue was launch during The London Festival of Architecture.

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? features works from, Kelvin Ang | Vince Ong | Justin Zhuang | Lingxiu Chong | Randy Tan | Agnes Yit | May Anne Lee | Kevin Hung | Yue Han Teow | Janita Han | Voon Wong | Yicheng Pan | Fabrizio Matillana | Johnny Gao.

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? was part of a group show called Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City project. The exhibition was part of the London Design festival and saw numbers averaging 70 visitors per day. Works displayed were from the diverse creative industries of UK based Singaporeans.

Also featured in Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City project, are works from Lilia Yip (Fashion Designer), Karen Yeh (Fine Artist), Johnny Gao (Architect and Photographer) and Shangyi Xie (Fine Artist).

Uniquely Singapore, Distinctively London? is presented by Creative [SIN]ergy and is supported by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), Contact Singapore, Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Symphony Orchestra.