17 September 2009

A6 /future/ features, Illustrators from the UK

A6 /future/ features:
UK// Brian Grimwood/ Jacqui Mair/ Jingyi Ye/ Jitesh Patel/ Max Ellis/ Sarah Hujie Cai/ Simon Spilsbury/ Sophie Kern/ Stephanie Hosmer/ Supei Ho/ Tow Fewings//

Brian Grimwood//
Britain’s global reputation as a creative and
exciting source of style and fresh ideas in the world of visual communication is due in great measure to the influence of Brian Grimwood. He developed as a young commercial artist in the 1960s and 70s to become one of the country’s most innovative illustrators. His work is seen widely in magazines, posters, shop murals, interior design and other contexts and covers editorial, advertising, print and logos. In 1983 he set up the Central Illustration Agency (CIA) which has since grown into one of the most successful agencies in Europe. It represents 80 of the world’s greatest illustrators, and has offices in London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Barcelona and Madrid. He continues to inspire new generations of talent and is a founder member and current patron of the Association of Illustrators. His work is characterised by simplicity and clarity, in both line and colour. Brian has been a speaker on the NTU BA (Hons) Graphic Design course. //www.briangrimwood.com

Jacqui Mair//
Jacqui Mair has spent
the last twenty five years as an international artist and illustrator. Living on the South Coast of England with her daughter husband and cats; she also has a love of traveling and working in developing countries running workshops for children who need a creative voice. Alongside teaching at the local university, she has a love of toys, bits of paper, birds that don’t flap and good red wine. //www.centralillustration.com/jm/jm.php

Jingyi Ye//
Graduated BA graphic design in University for the Creative Arts and MA graphic design in Middlesex universi
ty, Jingyi would like to call herself a graphic designer; she is currently working in editorial design; and she loves her chicken wings and pints.

Jitesh Patel//
Jitesh Patel Runs a studio in London, His work
is heavily influenced by the world of nature, fashion and design and executed with a seamless blend of hand drawn and digital work making techniques, the result being striking seductive and insightful illustrations with subtle narratives with a delicate touch.

I specialize in illustration and Art Direction. My drive is through creative flair, excellence and over-the-edge exploration; I create new possibilities to help clients thrive in an ever changing design world. Services include illustration, advertising, brand design, and art direction. //www.jiteshpatel.co.uk

Max Ellis//
Max Ellis, illustrator and photographer living in London. Trained as a precision engineer and went to art college when made redundant. Painted mainly caricatures from 87-97 then lied about having a computer and went digital in 98. Has lied and
cheated ever since heading up ad campaigns for Lloyds, The Halifax, Beefeater Gin, Camel fags, Proplus etc etc. Contributes regularly to the Guardian, the Independent and Telegraph. Currently doing website for celebrities. Represented by CIA in London and B and A in New York. //www.junkyard.co.uk

Sarah Huijie Cai//
Sarah Huijie Cai was
enrolled in the Art Elective Programme in Singapore for 6 years before deciding to leave home to pursue her artistic interests. She was the recipient of the Art Elective Programme MOE scholarship in 2004. Having completed her Diploma of Foundation in Art and Design, She is currently studying BA Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins.

Prior to embarking on her design degree, Sarah taught Art Therapy for 3 years in Singapore, starting ou
t her entrepreneurship by teaching art classes to children with special needs.

In London, Sarah helped direct and design promotional material for events organised by various Singapore societies. Besides her interest in graphic design, Sarah has a strong passion for narrative illustration. She produces illustrations and silk screen prints in her free time. Sarah is currently conducting research on tactile materials and proces
ses in print and communication with funding from the Queen's Scholarship Award 2009.

Sarah's work was recently featured in Puffin Post magazine and also at "Two/Thirds" , part of the 9th annual Free Range Show 2009 at The Old Truman Brewery in London. //www.thegirlwhoateink.com

Simon Spilsbury//
Simon Spilsbury is primarily an exponent of line. He draws all the time. When he’s not drawing he’s teaching drawing at Bath Spa University UK. His commissioners have described his line as spontaneous, energetic, quirky, inherently humorous, adaptable and elegant. One enthusiastic Art Director said “Spilsbury’s drawings always jump off the page and bite me on the ass.” Over the past 16 years his work has graced many advertising campaigns, TV programmes/ idents and column inches across the globe, including Nike, Virgin, Cobra Beer, The London Election, Martell, Waterstones, Luerzers Archive, The Sunday Times, The Guardian to name a few. He had a two-year column [2007/08] in The Independent with the comedian Dom Joly and regularly writes for The Sunday Times.

His work has won numerous awards, including D&AD Silver, Campaign Poster Silver, Communication Arts, Print Magazine and American Illustration and appeared in Luerzers 200 Best Illustrators.

Spilsbury has recently set up new image-making studio Artbombers with Richard Chant and has just picked up Gold at The British Illustration Awards 2009 for their work on Paramount Comedy Channel. //www.spilsbury.co.uk

Sophie Kern//
Sophie Kern, 23, completed her degree in Illustration at
Brighton University last year, and is currently living and working in London. She finds inspiration in the all things mysterious and unknown. Her work is an amalgamation of drawing and collage with some digital tweeking. Her bedroom is crammed with books about the supernatural, the paranormal, the occult, animism, mysticism, mythology, and folklore. She takes great pleasure in drawing characters and creatures that do not exist in the real world, which is why she is often drawn to the imagery conjured up in various mythologies around the world. A project she undertook inspired my the folklore of Alaskan Inuits began this fascination. She had to consider what a soul might look like, or a demon, or spirit, and since then began a quest to draw all kinds of strange unworldly characters in strange unworldly scenes. //www.sophiekern.co.uk

Stephanie Hosmer//
Stephanie Hosmer, otherwise known as “the official fruitcake” is a Kent based illustrator and animator. She graduated with a BA (Hons) Illustration from
the University of Brighton, one of the UK’s top universities for illustration and design.

She has produced work for Browns Design, London working on the re-branding book for Invesco Perpetual and has featured in many collaborative projects always on the look out for an opportunity to work with different artists. Most recently she has been part of a collective art show in Montauk in New York, and has also been designing and animating a series of educational children's
flash games for an up and coming company MyGoNow, to be used in schools as an interactive teaching aid.

Stephanie’s work is highly influenced by detail, animals, mythology (patricularly from the Japanese and Aztec cultures) and combines traditional styles with contemporary, surreal ideas. Where she creates characters and illustrations using block colours and tones, detailed pen and ink work, line drawing, stencilling, type and commentary writing. All of which is produced directly onto paper organically without opportunity for error. //www.up-side-down.co.uk

Su Pei Ho//
Su Pei Ho left Singapore for London to pursue her dream in fashion design, after graduating from NUS with a degree in European Studies and a brief career as a political analyst with the Ministry of Defence. She graduated last year with a BA (Hons) in Womenswear from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. Her collection of handmade nuno-felted garments were spotted at London Graduation Fashion Week and invited for showcase at the Gegenalltag Gallery in Vienna, as part of an exhibition on emerging Chinese designers. They have subsequently been featured in SURFACE (Chinese edition) and VISION magazines, and will appear in "The Fabric Book", a Laurence King publishing in Spring 2010. Su Pei’s designs and illustrations are heavily influenced by an uncanny obsession with textures, organic and broken forms, and nature. Having freelance
d with trends forecasting agency Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), she is currently on work placement at Burberry's design department.

Tom Fewings//
Tom Fewings was born in 1985 and raised in east London. From a very early age he expressed his interest in biology, engineering and physics through drawings of dinosaurs, space ships and explosions. Through out his education he perused a dream of becoming either a quantum physicist or astronaut but when his appalling grades told him otherwise he decided to focus on the doodles that adorned every margin of his notes.

He studied his foundation in art at the working mens college in Mornington Crescent and then went on to study illustration at Brighton. At this broadminded seaside town he worked for several independent record labels including Holmbush Records and The Willkommen collective; creating logos, posters and cover art. He also produced work for Succour Magazine.

He graduated in 2008 and moved back to London where he has collaborated with writer Paolo Chainta and worked with the newly established Tor Press. He still has dreams about being a space man. //www.tomfewings.co.uk

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