18 September 2009

A6 /future/ postcards preview

Will We Need To Leave Our House?
by Zeropointfive x Jingyi Ye

Collision With Death In Space.
by Wei Keong x Supei Ho

Who Will Be In Charge?
by Tow Fewings x Msxi

Globalisation... Or Random, Diverse, Shades Of Beauty?
by Supei Ho x Faded Crimson

In The Future, How Will We See The World Through Our Eyes?
by Stephanie Hosmer x Mindflyer

In The Future, Will We Be Telepathic?
by Sophie Kern x Zeropointfive

Who Killed All The Bees?
by Simon Spilsbury x Kuanth

What Kind Of Houses Will We Be Living In The Future?
by Sheryo x Tow Fewings

Will We Sell Our Organ In The Future?
by Seiji x Jacqui Mair

Where Will Water Be Pumped From In The Future?
by Sarah Hujie Cai x Seiji

Change Any Event by Using The Time Machine For A Better Today.
by Random Sunday x Brian Grimwood

What Will The Food We Eat In The Future Be Like?
by Msxi x Jitesh Patel

How Will We Talk To Each Other In The Future?
by Kristal x Sarah Hujie Cai

by Jingyi Ye x Eeshaun

Will Birds Marry Mobiles?
by Jacqui Mair x Wei Keong

With The Advancement Of Technology In The Future, Should We Find A Way To Bridge Our Language And That Of Animals?
by Faded Crimson by Max Ellis

The Future Of Religion?
by Eeshaun x Stephanie Hosmer

How Old Will People Live In The Future?
by Brian Grimwood x Sheryo

How Will We Harness Clean Energy From The Environment?
by Jitesh Patel x Random Sunday

In The Future... Where Will I Get My Next Glass Of Pour, Clean, Natural Water?
by Mindflyer x Simon Spilsbury

Will Mobile Phone Radiation Wipe Out Mankind?
by Max Ellis x Kristal

Where Will You Be In The Universe?
by Kuanth x Sophie Kern