16 September 2009

A6 /future/ features, Illustrators from Singapore

A6 /future/ features:
SG// Eeshaun/ Faded Crimson/ Kristal/ Kuanth/ Mindflyer/ Msxi/ Random Sunday/ Seiji/ Sheryo/ Wei Keong/ Zeropointfive//

Eeshaun is an Asian Kine
tic Artist for Tiger Translate 2007, and was also recently featured in 20/20 BASE, an exhibition celebrating 20 of Singapore's most creative talents under the Singapore Design Festival 2007. In 2008, he was commissioned with FARMWORK, Designact and RE:act by Design Council Singapore to design the Singapore Pavilion for the 11th Venice Architectural Biennale. Since then, he has created artworks for Adidas, Nike, Discovery Channel, Esprit, Nicholas, HP and the Singapore Circle Line station at Bishan. He likes bubble tea and doesn't always eat breakfast. //www.eeshaun.com

Faded crimson | Arlene Rieneke//
Arlene Rieneke is a graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts. While doing her diploma, she re-discovered her passion for creative drawing and began working towards her fulfilling her dream to become an illustrator. During her final semester in college, she collaborated with Dempsey House as their resident artist for a monthly program called Adopt-an-Artist where she was given her first chance to showcase her artworks in a public setting. Post-graduation, she has contributed works for L’Officiel Singapore, Antalis, and DDB Advertising. She’s interested in the study of Asian and European folklores, surreal imageries and the female image. Her works have also been shortlisted and featured on the fifth edition of Yen
Magazine’s annual female illustrators’ compilation book Curvy. //www.crimsonstate.blogspot.com

Kristal | Kristal Raelene Melson//
Hiding in the dark and playing wildly in the night, Kristal Melson captures dreams with pencils and paints alike. Fantastical wonderings, fleeting fee
t, dancing toes and spiraling tips are all a part of her charm and mystique. Drifting in and out of galaxies at

the twitching of her thumbs, she leaves a trail of her doodling behind in large unhealthy clumps. Curvy 5 and Grafuck 3 – in Melbourne and Los Angeles,
it doesn’t matter where she’s been or even what she should have seen. Just walk along now little one, and have some ice cream. Child, it does not matter if you don’t like ice cream. //www.krislikestodraw.blogspot.com

Kuanth | Kuan Teck Harn//
Kuant counts art and design as his absolute passion. Deskbound for five years in the publishing and advertising industries, Kuanth broke free to become a freelance illustrator in 2002. Kuanth’s collaboration for the Tiger Translate 2007 Global Tour, a Tiger Beer initiative to showcase emerging Asian artists and to engage these artists in a creative exchange with other like-minded artists in New York. He was also selected as 20/20 for 2007, a showcase of 20 Singapore's finest talents across different media and disciplines, presented by Design Singapore Council.

Mistake by Kuanth, is his very own platform of expressing his thoughts. From decorative display to haute tableware, from dolls to fashion accessories. He believes perfection is boring, mistakes can be beautiful. //www.kuanth.com

Mindflyer | Michael Ng//
Michael is one of the more prominent artist/ Illustrator working in Singapore under the name Mindflyer. Since running his own studio in 1999, Michael has won several awards for his original style. Always eager to push the envelope, he seeks to give each client a unique reinterpretation to express their message. Some of his prominent work includes illustrations for Tang’s 70
th anniversary, Saatchi reception wall ( Singapore office ) and the ION.

Besides painting and exhibiting his work, he is a founding member of the illustrator’s group “The OIC” in Singapore, where he is actively involved in engaging and challenging young illustrators.

He has worked with major international agencies in Singapore like Publicis Modem, Ogilvy & Mather, JWT, Saatchi and Saatchi and DYR. His clients include Coca-cola, Shell Petroleum, Cadbury Schweppes, Singapore Zoological
Garden and Starhub. //www.mindflyer.com

Msxi | Zi Xi Tan//
in Singapore, Msxi has learnt to find beauty in the vernacular, in the “everyday”. Likely due to the mundane environment the little island, she often dreams of a bigger better world; a brighter every day. Having won a Government scholarship, she finally left Singapore to major in Illustrations at Central Saint Martins, London. Continuing to broaden her horizons, she has applied her abilities in illustrations to various mediums whilst exploring unique concepts and themes. She has also worked on various collaborative projects with fashion and graphic designers. Msxi is always determined to improve her skills and apply them in trying to make the world a better place. //www.messymsxi.com

Random Sunday | Jonathan Gian and David Stevanov//
Random Sunday started off as a collective brand of t-shirts, create
d by David Stevanov and Jonathan Gian on March 2008. Both of them have just finished their courses in Lasalle College of the Arts (David) and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Jonathan). The name came after Jonathan suggested that it would be cool to have a name of the days and shortly "random" was added in because of the creators' tendency to talk random nonsense and ideas. In fact, the initiative to form Random Sunday was born in one of these "random" conversations. Random Sunday's designs were mainly inspired by their childhood dreams and beautiful memories of how the mighty Power Rangers could save the world without the help of any Dragon Balls and still refusing to accept the fact that Doraemon came to Nobita's house, not theirs. Hopefully by sharing these stories, others who see their artworks would be able to enjoy and relive their own wonderful memories. Recently, Random Sunday won the inaugural The Future Talent Awards by FutureBrand, Singapore, won the 1st prize in My Noise Tee Design Competition, and being featured in various events such as A Nice Set Singapore, Hypercolor and Noise Singapore. //www.randomsunday.blogspot.com

Seiji | Jame Tan//
James Tan believes in the joy of drawing and is constantly exploring lines and contours and the sense and sensibility of what is considered a “finished sketch” or drawing. He is interested and wants to explore the concept of “New Drawing”.
His immediate interest is how to combine good draughtsmanship and the childlike joy of drawing.

James’ pieces are done mainly in the media of ink and pen, enabling him to spontaneously capture fleeting imag
es through his expertly placed squiggles. The line works are executed such that the intimacy of the lines is hinted at, not wholly conveyed. //www.akaidotto.blogspot.com

Winsomely buck-toothed, join-the-dots pimply & silly ditzy four-eyed not, this mad mad illustromaniac based in the sunny island of Singapore whips up fantastical wonderlands with a touch of mischief & a tinge of angst. She has done work for Adidas, Don't Panic, Intel & MTV Asia and when she's not drawing, she enjoys counting moles, double chin
s, salmon sashimi, cats & squeezing little animals. //www.illustromaniac.com

Wei Keong Tan//
Born in 1984 in Singapore, Wei Keong’s first animated short film White was awarded Special Achievement Award at the 20th Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF). He had previously received a Gold Award at the 34th Singapore Youth Festival for sculpture design. Wei Keong has also freelanced as a cartoonist for the local papers and, being an animation enthusiast, assisted at SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia and Animation Nation.

Granted the Media Education Scholarship by the Media Development Authority of Singapore, he graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts, Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Digital Animation at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media.

Hush Baby, awarded Special Mention at the 22nd SIFF, marks his second animated short film effort.

Zeropointfive/ | Elvin Chng//
Elvin Ching loves comic books and it often shows in his work. His graphic design, illustration and storyboarding skills have graced various media in Singapore for the local Theatre, Advertising and Film industries. (eg. Dim Su Dollies - the History of Singapore for Dream Academy, Do Not Disturb opening graphics for Arts Central / Boku Films just to name a few) //www.zeropointfive.com

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