8 May 2009

SWAP{box} : Format + Theme

Creative [SIN]ergy presents SWAP{box}, a cross-disciplinary design experiment aiming to showcase and explore creativity across cultures, design disciplines and individuals.

The format of the experiment is an online and real-life experience. The objects are exchanged through Creative SINergy between participants and they can track its evolution (images and descriptions) on its online blog.

Participants are given a portable cardboard box each to insert an object that is both related personally to their line of work and to the theme. The objects and subsequent resulting affectations are confined to the dimensions of each box. The sides of the box are available for participants to “verbalise” or explain (through diagrams) their design choices. These will then be transposed onto the blog.

Objects can be used either as “raw” material or as inspiration, so if the participant at the beginning of the thread puts in a book or a poster and says “Read it.” The resulting design object can be derived from a response to the previous material. The collection of objects in one box will then be showcased as a collective. Please note, participants are free to interpret this and need not follow instructions left by previous participants. Participants may use the box and affect itself but must provide another box to hold the objects.

Creative response can be interpreted into performance pieces that can be taped and added to the box. Creative [SIN]ergy will endeavour to showcase these if the situation arises.

Creative [SIN]ergy will be curating the experiment as it goes on so that we are creating and assimilating things, and do no end up with a bunch of meaningless objects.

The boxes will have a rotation period of one week for the initial 2 rotations then 2 weeks for the final 2 rotations (4 rotations in total) before the final showcase after 6 weeks.

Out of the resulting boxes, Creative [SIN]ergy will hold a poll amongst its member community to choose the top 3 boxes which would then be showcased at our launch party. The other projects will be featured online and maybe in some form at the showcase.

Participants must agree that their objects may not (and hopefully will not) be returned to them in the same state in which it began the experiment.

The theme that binds the work together is a reflection of Creative [SIN]ergy’s concerns and cultural ties to Singapore, that may also be very relevant to any other country and culture especially in these similarly difficult times. The deliberate inclusion of non-Singaporean participants is to promote ideas of cooperation and multi-culturalism that is important to any
society. We reiterate that the theme should not be seen as propaganda for the promotion of Singapore in a literal sense but through an insight into thought processes and issues that drive overseas Singaporean designers. The specific theme for this series will be provided in the boxes.

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