10 May 2009

Josephine Chia's forthcoming book, Your Body: Gateway To The Divine

Your body: Gateway to the Divine
by Josephine Chia

In the quest for spiritual advancement or enlightenment, people often view the body as an unimportant element or worse, a hinderance. Your Body: Gateway To The Divine suggests that it is this erroneous idea which gives rise to our continual battle and obsession with our body and body

In this book Josephine presents a celebration of the physical body, of the Creator who created it, and is a tool towards understanding how we can use our body and our five senses to find our way home to The Divine.

"Josephine has an enviable way of putting across profound truths in a sensible and reasoned manner…we should select what we may find useful - and I am confident that our search for the Divine will be rewarded.
Canon Geoffrey Tarris, MA, Canon Norwich Cathedral

"This intriguing book takes you on a personal journey which, if you stay the course, will cause you to question your life and its purpose."
Beryl Fleming, Secretary, Chichester Literary Society

ISBN: 978-1-84694-177-1
Distributed to the trade in North America through National Book Network; in the UK/Europe through Orca/Roundhouse