14 April 2009


Creative [SIN]ergy presents SWAP{box}, a cross-disciplinary design experiment aiming to showcase and explore creativity across cultures, design disciplines and individuals.

The format of the experiment is an online and real-life experience. The objects are exchanged through Creative [SIN]ergy between participants and they can track its evolution on the online blog. Altogether, there will be 4 rotations before the final showcase after 6 weeks.

Creative [SIN]ergy will be holding a poll amongst its member community to choose the top 3 threads which would then be showcased at our launch party. The other projects will be featured online and possibly in some form at the showcase.

The theme that binds the work together is a commentary of Creative [SIN]ergy members’ response to current global events and explores the diversity in cultures amongst its participants. The specific theme will be announced to participants at the start of the series.

In simple terms, we send you a box with instructions as to what to put inside it. You send it back to us. After we receive your item, we will send you another box, which someone else has put their 1st item in already (and we send your item to someone else to manipulate). Think about their item and you have 1 week to give your CREATIVE RESPONSE to it in whatever form you think is appropriate – deconstruct it, use it in a surprising way, film it doing something, destroy it… stick it down, make a pretty picture, make a pretty dance… Send it back to us… we send you a third box that someone has done stage 1 and 2 for. The Third and Forth time round you will get 2 weeks to think of adding to the “Artwork”. After the 4th box, we will have an exhibition and a drink to mark the first series of SWAP{box}!

We will be holding a poll amongst our members and only the top 3 boxes get shown so make it a good one!

All the while, you can track each box (total of 10) as it makes its journey to each participant.

SWAP{box} : Format + Theme

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