11 August 2010

Biography of Participants for Uniquely Singapore - Distinctively London?

London Correspondents
Vince Ong graduated from the Architectural Association last year and is currently an architect at Fosters and Partners. He has organized and taken part in several exhibitions both in London and Singapore.

Chong Lingxiu is currently enjoying her time dissecting bugs, designing zeppelin-like infrastructures as a first year student at the Architectural Association.

Agnes Yit is currently exploring the contested spaces along the coast of Europe in Diploma Unit 4 at the Architectural Association. Prior to studying at the AA, she was practicing as an interior architect for several years in Singapore.

Kevin Hung is currently a practicing architect at Serie. Prior to his graduation, he was researching on the spaces of airports and the university campus in relation to the city through the investigation of architectural types at the Architectural Association.

Janita Han completed her undergraduate degree at the National University of Singapore and her Masters at Delft Technical University. She is currently a project architect at Fashion Architecture Taste (F.A.T) and enjoys making short films as a hobby. She is also involved in re:act, an architectural interest group that is concerned with the development of architecture in the Asian region.

Voon Wong studied at the National University of Singapore and the Architectural Association in London. After graduating, he worked in various practices in the UK and Singapore including the Office of Rick Mather and Zaha Hadid where he worked on the University of East Anglia project and the Vitra Fire Station project respectively before setting up VoonWong&BensonSaw in 1996 in London. Since then he has been heavily involved in both architectural and product design projects in the practice.

Fabrizio Matillana graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London in July 2010. He was awarded the Howard Colls Studentship 2009 and academic bursaries throughout his 4 years. He was put forward by the AA as the school nominee for the 2010 Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship.

Singapore Correspondents

Kelvin Ang is currently the Head of Heritage Studies at the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore.

Justin Zhuang is a Singaporean writer and designer where one can find can find his works and thoughts about Singapore's politics, society and visual culture on justrambling.sg. Several of his articles have been published in Singapore Architects and The Design Journal Society.

Randy Chan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1997 and has since maintained a long-standing interest in the fields of art and installation. He is currently the principal of Zarch Collaboratives, a multidisciplinary practice that actively involves itself in the fields of both art and architecture.

Lee May Anne is currently the principal of MAKK Architects.

Teow Yue Han is currently a second year media student at the School of Art, Design and Media. He is actively involved in several exhibition and performances that experiment with space and time-based media and has recently started an online project, ImagingCities, which explore how cities are being represented visually and shape the environment.

Pan Yi Cheng is currently the director of Project, Architecture and the City (P.A.C). Prior to setting up his office, he was an architect at T.P Bennett and UN Studio. Yi Cheng graduated with honors from the Architectural Association with his project ‘Resisting the Generic Empire’ winning him the accolade of being one of Building Design top graduates and a second prize at the Evolo design competition.

Johnny Gao
first graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. In his final year, his project “An Animal Assisted Therapy Centre for the New Elderly” was one of 2 nominated for the RIBA President’s bronze medal. The project has since been exhibited at both the 2007 NUS City Exhibition and NUS Department of Architecture Exhibition.