22 June 2010

Urban Prairie

Urban Prairie by Architects, Jackson Tan and Ernie Lew of In Square Lab.

Urban Prairie
June 19th 2010 – July 4th 2010 - 24hrs
127 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1F 0NL

MPC Digital in Soho will play host to ‘Urban Prairie’ an intuitive interactive art installation conceived and designed by Architecture firm in square lab and MPC Digital department. The project; developed in collaboration with existential ltd is for the London Festival of Architecture 2010 which runs around the capital June 19th – July 4th. The installation underlines the notion of bringing the inside out; whilst blurring the boundaries between architecture, interactive installation and art.

At its core; Urban Prairie is an experimental installation that illustrates the opportunity of merging the real world with the ever-increasing virtual environments we find ourselves living in. Through intelligent design and interventions, we aim to synchronize physical materials with real-time graphics in a bid to create one experience.

An array of optical sensors and arduino boards are used to capture and comprehend the movements of passers by in front of MPC London building at 127 Wardour St. This digital data is then translated into kinetic responses via a series of servos; creating the phenomenon of a sea of grass swaying in the breeze. The motion of the 'real' grass is in turn measured by our software and translated, after sufficient delay, to a virtual prairie on four 42" screens behind the 'real' grass.

The combined result is an interactive 'Urban Prairie" which passers by can interact with through their movements in space. By varying their speed and location in front of the windows, passers by can generate wind disturbance that travels from the ‘real’ grass to the virtual prairie seamlessly and eventually fading off into the horizon.

After the LFoA (www.lfa2010.org); the team plans to present the project in a variety of global locations.

For more information contact;

Sophie Trainor
Head of PR and Marketing
+44 20 7494 7915

Jackson Tan, BA(Arch), Dip.Arch, RIBA
In square lab
+ 44 20 7740 2171

Ticket Information:It is free and open to everyone