20 June 2010

Uniquely Singapore - Distinctively London? Correspondents Announced

Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City project Correspondents:

Kelvin Ang - Head of Heritage Studies, URA (SG)
Vince Ong - Architect, Fosters and Partners (UK)
Justin Zhuang - Writer, reclaimland.sg (SG)
Lingxiu Chong - Architectural Student, AA (UK)
Randy Tan - Director, ZARCH (SG)
Agnus Yit - Architectural Student, AA (UK)
May Anne Lee - Director, Makk Architects (SG)
Kevin Hung - Architect, Serie Architecture (UK)
Yue Han Teow - Media Student, NTU (SG)
Janita Han - Architect, Fashion Architecture Taste (F.A.T) (UK)
Yicheng Pan - Director, Project Architecture and the City (P.A.C) (SG)
Voon Wong - Director, voonwong&bensonsaw (UK)

Curated by:
Calvin Chua