25 November 2009

Creative [SIN]ergy @ Singapore Encore in Brussels

Creative [SIN]ergy was invited by the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) to curate a Visual Arts exhibition for Singapore Encore in Brussels on Wednesday, 25th November 2009 at the Musical Instruments Museum. This event was organised in partnership with the Singapore Embassy in Belgium. In attendances were about 150 dignitaries from the diplomatic, business and cultural sectors of Belgian society.

Singapore Encore in Brussels was a celebration of the Singapore spirit through arts, culture and cuisine. The evening's programmee included performances from T’ang Quartet, an Asian buffet dinner, featuring traditional Singapore culinary delights like chicken rice, statay and sugee cake.
Alongside dinner, guest had the opportunity to also enjoy a visual art exhibition curated by Brian Tan for Creative [SIN]ergy. The exhibition featured works from Creative [SIN]ergy members, Angeline Yam, Calvin Chua, Mohyin Kwan, Sarah Huijie Cai, Voon Wong and the A6 /future/ participants.

Creative [SIN]ergy members, Angeline Yam, Brian Tan, Calvin Chua and Sarah Huijie Cai we present at the event to promote their work and that of the network and most importantly to represent the thriving and diverse creative scene that Singapore is.