1 October 2009

£1350 raised from A6 /future/ Charity Auction

A6 /future/ Charity Auction was a huge roaring success! With over 140 people who attended the event on 26th September 2009 at the Idea Generation Gallery. A6 /future/ was able to raise £1350 through the efforts of the auction. This Charity auction was in aid of Envision, a UK registered charity.

22 lots were auctioned off that evening, with the highest bid of £185 for the postcard,
In The Future, How Will We See The World Through Our Eyes? by Stephanie Hosmer x Mindflyer.

For those who were not lucky enough in winning a bid, they too were given an opportunity to take home a piece of the excitement. Each guest were given a selection of reprinted postcards from the 22 orginal illustrations. These reprinted postcards were printed on FSC 100% recycled pulpboard (Elemental Chlorine Free) with vegetable inks.
A6 /future/ does not only have a social cause, but an Eco one too. A6 /future/ is carbon neutral. This is achieved by offsetting the entire carbon footprint of the A6 /future/ project, which includes, a week long exhibition, Charity Auction Party, production and delivery of the re-printed postcards. In addiction to the carbon offset, A6 /future/ has also sponsored 1 acre of endangered rainforest, which locks in 260 tonnes of global warming CO2. Which equates to nearly the same as the annual carbon footprints of ten British families.

Overall A6 /future/ was a very commendable effort by Creative [SIN]ergy. With an average of 120 people visiting the exhibition each day since it opened on 21st September 2009 and extended by popular demand till 29th September 2009.A6 /future/ was a collaboration between 22 illustrators from both Singapore and the UK. The project invites these artists to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams about their future through the use of A6 sized postcards. A6 /future/ was listed and mentioned on many sites and e-bullentins. It was also in the London Design Festival guide and selected for inclusion in the Icon Design Trail - London 2009, being featured on both online and in print.

A6 /future/ would not have been possible without the kind supported of our sponsors:
Singapore International Foundation, Central Illustration Agency, Tiger Beer and Yeo's.
Special Thanks to Brian Chia and David Lee
and Babilonia for managing the Guestlist

A6 /future/ is carbon neutral and sponsors 1 acre of endangered rainforest.
A6 /future/ features:
SG// Eeshaun/ Faded Crimson/ Kristal/ Kuanth/ Mindflyer/ Msxi/ Random Sunday/ Seiji/ Sheryo/ Wei Keong/ Zeropointfive//

UK// Brian Grimwood/ Jacqui Mair/ Jingyi Ye/ Jitesh Patel/ Max Ellis/ Sarah Hujie Cai/ Simon Spilsbury/ Sophie Kern/ Stephanie Hosmer/ Supei Ho/ Tow Fewings//

Curated by:
Creative [SIN]ergy member - Brian Chia