17 June 2009

Music in PINK pre kick off meeting

creative [SIN]ergy recently had our 1st brainstorm meeting for "Music in PINK" on 4th June. The tentative dates that might work for a 2/3-hour afternoon recital in possibly an "urban" venue on the possible following dates 3, 10 or 17 October, pending on participant's and venue's availability.

Our focus of the programme will be coming up with items/ performances that are cross-disciplinary with the common theme of Breast Cancer Awareness. Where the musicians and the artists could pair/triple up to work together to come up with an item/ performances.The music involved could be classical, ethnic or improvised depending on the concept behind the idea and also the musician whom the artist is working with.

Some of the ideas we came up with were:
- Using pre-composed Western Classical music to inspire/inform the other artform. Eg. Yoyo Ma playing the Bach Cello Suites but each was accompanied by either silent film, a poem, a painting etc.

- If a concrete piece of work is created for the performance, like an artpiece or an architecture drawing/ model, this could be auctioned off at the end. These artworks can be derived or inspired by music provided by our musicians or just from the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness.

- It would be interesting to see if it might be possible to have the art piece or architecture created live as the music is being played. This music may be improvised (interesting to see the 2 artists playing off each other's artistic ideas!) or pre-composed.

- Having a film made about breast cancer/breast cancer survivors etc. and have the music improvised to it. (this might be good for a finale?)

- A mix tape with messages about Breast Cancer (eg. interviewing breast cancer survivors or poem written by our writers) and having this looped or playing in between the pieces.

We suggested that a working method might be for all of us to meet up and chat/brainstorm/play/ workshop together so that we can get a feel for each other's working styles and ideas and perhaps we might then decide the groupings, pairings. If we have enough time we might do
more than one grouping for some people ie they are not only in just one item. Therefore, we would like to ask the artists and musicians involved to meet for a 2-hour rehearsal at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (Moorgate/Barbican tube) on 27th June 4-6pm.

Please bear in mind that everything is fluid at the moment. It all depends on who you pair up with and what each participant brings to the table.

Suggested musicians involved:
1. Tan Shzr Ee - erhu, piano, accordion, japanese taiko etc.
2. Melvin Tan - tenor
3. Grace Lee - violin
4. Shaun Ho - violin
5. Lim Juan - cello
6. Song Ziliang - piano
7. Fontane Liang - harp
8. John Chua - composer
9. Wei Wei Tan - viola

Suggested artists involved:
1. Melisa Chan - urban planning & dance
2. Song Ming - sound artist
3. Adam Loh - DJ
4. Louis - Photographer
5. Rosaline Ting - Wtiter
6. Siti Osman - Curator
7. Alex Ng - Graphic Designer/ Interactive media
8. Kok Loong Wong - Architect

Looking forward to it and hope the rest will be just as excited and full of ideas!