23 April 2010

Lilia Yip and Jonathan Ang Judge at The LSE Malaysia-Singapore Night 2010

The LSE Malaysia-Singapore Night 2010 ‘Dreams’ was held on the 12th of March 2010. It was a resounding success, with a sell-out crowd and enthusiastic audience witnessing a wide variety of entertaining performances. The winning performance of the night was put up by The Fellaz.

In total, MS Night 2010 has raised £814.88 which will go to two charities, Make-A-Wish Foundation (Singapore) and Shelter Home for Children (Malaysia).

Finally, the MS Night 2010 committee would like to express their appreciation to the following people who have helped made the event possible:

MS Night 2010 Judges, Professor Danny Quah from the LSE, together with Ms Lilia Yip and Mr Jonathan Ang, who were representing creative [SIN]ergy, for judging the performances and gracing the Old Theatre with their presence.

Guest of honour, Puan Suzana, representing the Malaysian Students Department, for gracing the Old Theatre with her presence.

Rasa Sayang for sponsoring the game prizes and providing food.

Emcees, Asif and Hardeep. Backstage crew, Samuel and Zhen Ning, who ensured the smooth transitions between performances and were never noticed themselves. Ushers, Vanessa, Ai Wei, Jonathan and Kenneth. Performers, for making the show such a spectacular one and for taking the time out of a busy Lent Term to attend the late-night rehearsals. Dennis, Ce Jin, Shaun and Zhi Wei for kindly sharing their keyboard, guitars and amplifiers. Photographer, Kenneth Zheng, who also exercised his remarkable Photoshop skills in producing the programme booklet. All friends, who helped with the décor and compiling of the programme booklet.

And last but certainly not least, the audience, for being there at MS Night 2010!

Text by LSE Malaysia-Singapore Night 2010 Organizing Committee

(Kodak Keh, Michelle Ng, Ong Xing Cong, Karina Wong, Christabel Saw, Wong Hsi Wen, Jamie Chew, Ng Yiing Ren, Lim Chian Harn and Adrian Chung)