7 December 2009



She is conscious of the architectural vital implications on the individual, environment and the built reacting against the existing framework set by social, environmental, political, economical factors. Seeing herself as an agent, she pursues architecture at the Architectural in London whose motto she lives by: Design in Beauty, Built in Truth.

Driven to bridge current and future concerns on environmental predicaments and the urban context into through architecture, she questions through mediums of documentation. She believes architecture serves as the catalyst in exemplifying the importance of conceiving ideas to impose on the human senses and freedom of the physical body, therefore should always be in questioning, asking and probing.

Recently in the United Kingdom, she has participated and contributed to furniture fabrication workshops held at The Hooke Park, Dorset (forest owned by the AA) one of which was sponsored by the Maeda Corporation academic researched, and designed publications for the AA First Year Studio (2007 and 2009), Crossing Exhibition (2008) and Pending Structures (AA Media Studies Exhibition 2008). These workshops and publications have aided in the increase and expanded versatile study of her architecture vocabulary and acknowledgment of architecture in relation to people.

Name: Sarah Ho
Location: London, UK
Website: N.A.
Contact: click here