2 December 2009

Sarah Huijie Cai featured at Singapore Encore in Brussels

Sarah Huijie Cai was recently featured at the Visual Arts exhibition for Singapore Encore in Brussels on Wednesday, 25th November 2009 at the Musical Instruments Museum. This event was organised in partnership with the Singapore International Foundation and the Singapore Embassy in Belgium. In attendances were about 150 dignitaries from the diplomatic, business and cultural sectors of Belgian society.

The works featured were from a selection of paintings and prints from her recent solo exhibition in Warsaw, Poland entitled Tall Tales.

Rake's progress is a series of paintings as a modern interpretation of Hogarth's 'A Rake's Progress" done in 1733. Hogarth had depicted eight panels about a young man who followed a path of vice and self destruction after inheriting a fortune. The modern interpretation tells a tale of a businessman in the 1950s trying to live an American dream with his pregnant wife in his suburban home, but succumbs to sins when he inherits a position as a trader in the city.

Hole in London is a 3 colour screen-print that explores the inexplicable adrenaline rush one gets when standing at the edge of the canal paths. The trickling sounds of water flowing and smells that waft from the other side of the tunnel tempts and enchants, as one resists from succumbing to jumping into the water just to get to the other end.

If all the famous landmarks had a voice, what would they sound like? 'Au claire de la lune' is an imaginative attempt to demystify the Eiffel Tower. This work is a 3 colour screen-print