2 November 2009

SHOWCASE: Yong Ping Loo

This is the story of ping pong, an alias of Yong Ping Loo.

His creative journey started with the doodling in his school books, to his enrollment in Mass Communications at Ngee Polytechnic, to the running of a Campus Television network, to the creation of his T-shirt company, then onto becoming an Officer in the Army, to being put in charge of the National Day Parade website and is now pursuing his Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Media Design at the London College of Communication.

He believes that a graphic designer's job is not just about making things look good, but to be the creative mind in the market place. Amongst his freelance work, personal projects and internships, he has strong beliefs in using his skills and knowledge to help the under represented and less fortunate.

Recently appointed as an Asian Team Leader for Project Survival Media, he co-ordinates independent media teams in China, the Fiji Islands, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore who report from the front lines of the climate crisis. In his second year as an International Youth Delegate for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, he puts his abilities to use for the greater good of our planet.

Name: Yong Ping Loo
Location: London, UK
Email: click here