26 October 2009


Randy Yeo grew up in Little India, and was schooled as an ACS boy for 11 years. He then obtained a diploma in Visual Communication from Temasek Polytechnic in 2006. Spreads from his final year project “:O” were sent to Jilin College of the Arts, Changchun (China) for an exhibition.

In 2008, he moved to London to pursue a degree in Typography at London College of Communication (former London College of Printing). His book and sound installation “Visual Debates” was exhibited as part of the Modern Thoughts Exhibition at Battersea Gallery in July 2009.

Randy has an ardent interest in typography and the role it plays in the organization of information, and communication of ideas. One of his favourite quotes by Hamish Muir possibly manages to sum up a lot about him.

“I'm actually an untidy person. I'm not ordered at all. In some senses I have to use grids to bring some order to the chaos that's whirring around in my head.” - Hamish Muir

A self-confessed idealist, he believes (after much struggle) that graphic design can play a part in making this world a better place.

Randy is currently taking a year out of college—as part of the school’s curriculum—to undertake industry placements, freelance commissions, and also hopefully bring to life some of the ideas hiding at the back of his head.

Name: Randy Yeo
Location: London, UK
Email: click here