6 August 2009

1 of nine pairings

Creative [SIN]ergy reveals the 9 parings for its next fundraiser entitled 1 of nine. This event is a collaborative project between 9 Musicians and 9 Artists/ Designers. 1 of nine will be held in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

1. Shzr Ee Tan (Accordionist) > Louis Lau (Photographer)
2. Yao Cong Tan (Tuba Player) > Rosaline Ting (Writer)
3. Grace Lee (Violinist) > Sarah Cai (Graphic Designer)
4. Shaun Ho (Violinist) > Siti Osman (Curator)
5. Juan Lin (Cellist) > Kok Loong Wong (Architect)
6. Ziliang Song (Pianist) > Lilia Yip (Fashion Designer)
7. Fontane Liang (Harpist) > Song Ming Ang (Sound Artist)
8. Eeping Yee (Opera Singer) > Adam Loh (Dj)
9. Jonathan Ang (Pianist) > Mohyin Kwan (Interior architect/ Jewelry Designer/ Glass Sculptor)