23 July 2009

Central Illustration Agency (CIA) supports A6 /future/

Central Illustration Agency (CIA) supports creative [SIN]ergy's A6 /future/.

The Central Illustration Agency (CIA) launched in 1983 in the heart of central London rather spontaneously, with around twenty established artists, resolved in what they were doing and promoting a loose, expressive approach to image making.

CIA has grown into one of the most successful and critically respected agencies in the UK with an ever increasing presence worldwide. The roots of the agency remain embedded in raw creativity and originality of thought and we are proud to represent some of the biggest names in the industry as well as a healthy stable of emerging talent from all over the world.

We promote our illustrators via as varied and innovative a platform as possible with touring exhibitions, seasonal festivals, on-line, with our own magazine, and recently an on-line store.

For more information about Central Illustration Agency (CIA), please visit www.centralillustration.com
or email info@centralillustration.com

Contact: Ben Cox (Managing Director), Jules Beazley (Agent), Alicja McCarthy (Agency Manager & Publicist) or Rhiannon Mollart (Agent)