8 April 2009

Re-birth: A New Lease of Life

creative [SIN]ergy cordially invites you to the Opening Preview night of:

Re-birth: A New Lease of Life
Curated by: Siti Osman

Friday 17th April 2009
7.00pm - 9.00pm

Islington Arts Factory
2 Parkhurst Road
London N7 0SF, UK

Re-birth: A New Lease of Life

Re-birth is an association with forms of repetition in that it expresses a fresh beginning, a commencement, and its on-going transformation through repetition (the same again, seen differently).

The artists in this show have acknowledged something that both connects and separates them all: a shared experience (they met working for an established artist) and the differences of their own experiences. This then induces a learning, which suggests a transformation. The daily routine of working engenders a development. It is both true that the artists in this exhibition are the same as they were and have been irreparably changed by the experience of spending time together. Their work is a conversation that is expected and is yet a complete surprise. A return to the (un)known. Artists: Sawako Ando, Oona Culley, Mathilda Holmqvist, Virginie Litzler, Stella Orkopoulou, Fran Ortega, Bruno Marques and Edward Parkinson."

"They met and worked for an established artist. Now they are 're-born'.

Re-birth: A New Lease of Life
Exhibition date: 18 April until 15 May 2009.

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