16 February 2009

SHOWCASE: Harwin Chandra

Harwin Chandra left his hometown Medan Indonesia at the age of 16 and headed down under to pursue his study in multimedia. Harwin spent over 9 years in Melbourne and established himself in the digital advertising industry.

Feeling the urge to connect back to his Asian root, Harwin moved to Singapore in 2003, where he lived and worked in Singapore for over 4 years. His dedication and commitment to produce quality work won him several prestigious digital awards on clients like Motorola, Sony and New York City Economic Development Corporation to name a few. Till this day he still refers to Singapore as home.

Harwin continued his adventure in Tokyo, Japan. He spent two years working in the craziness of Tokyo. He is not yet an accomplished geisha, but certainly knows how to hold the Japanese tea ceremony. Harwin also add Japanese to his already spoken Bahasa, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkian and of course English.

Whenever Harwin gets some free time from his hectic schedule , he loves to invite his mates over for delicious home cooked meals. Harwin is currently based in London as an Art Director, and hopes to continue his creative dreams here.

Name: Harwin Chandra
Location: London, UK
Website: NA
Contact: click here