28 January 2009

project: A6 - proposed event

Creative [SIN]ergy + Organization of illustrators council (OIC) have teamed up together to present project: A6. The name A6 is derived from the size of a post card, which is the format size of each illustration artwork.

project: A6 will be a showcase of 10 to 20 up and coming Singaporean illustrators based in Singapore and the UK. The featured illustrators will comprise of members from OIC + creative [SIN]ergy.

The event is planned for launch during the London Design Festival in September 2009. The London Design Festival is a unique blend of over 200 events and activities reflecting the diversity of world-class design talent in the Capital. (www.londondesignfestival.co.uk)

Depending on funding, the event could be held at the following places; Tent London (The most comprehensive and diverse design exhibition attended by over 16,000 visitors. www.tentlondon.co.uk), Designersblock (shows take place in transitional architectural spaces alongside major design events and trade shows, achieving significant media profile and industry acclaim. www.designersblock.org.uk) or a “pop up” gallery in one of the vacant premises along the trendy shopping hub of Carnaby Street.

These featured illustrators will produce a one-off or a very limited edition of an illustration in a postcard size. These originals will be displayed at the event and could then be sold or auction off with proceeds going to a UK charity. (Charity of choice will be advised at a later stage.) The aim of selecting a UK charity is to help raise a higher profile of the event to the UK public. There is also the possibility of collaborating with up and coming UK illustrators.

Re-prints of the original postcard illustrations will be given away free or for a token fee to help raise additional funds for charity. A brief write up of the event, artwork and biography of the illustrator will be featured on the back of each corresponding postcard illustration. Sponsor logos will also be featured on the back of the re-printed postcards. These free postcards are a good way of promoting the event and they double up as an actual postcard, which can be mailed to a friend or love one.