1 January 2009

About creative [SIN]ergy

- showcasing singapore creatives outside the dot -

Creative [SIN]ergy is a platform to foster interaction and collaboration amongst its member base and aims to be a representative body for the creative industries amongst both the Singaporean professional and student community in the UK. The collective wishes to not only be, a network but also assembles collaborators, who share or are motivated by ideas, projects and initiatives to showcase Singapore creativity abroad.

Creative [SIN]ergy is a fully independent non-profit and non-governmental organization that is inclusive and welcomes non-Singaporeans who have an interest in Singapore’s creative community and cultural output.

As part of its ethos Creative [SIN]ergy wishes to foster collaboration and create synergies amongst its wide spectrum of UK based Singaporeans in the creative industries. These representations range from traditional fields such as Architecture, Dance, Design, Film, Fine Art, Music, Performance arts and Theatre Design to Aesthetic Philosophy, Art Education , Arts Management, Art Therapy, Anthropology, and Cultural Policy Studies.

Creative [SIN]ergy aims to foster collaboration amongst its members through a series of events, activities and networking sessions. Resulting in cross-disciplinary projects. Series include PROJECT: slingSHORT, which aims to promote unknown Singaporean filmmakers. Other events will include, project: SHOWCASE, a series of presentations showcasing Singapore’s creative talents in the UK. Each showcase will feature a specific creative sector, thus giving it a focused exposure. Short Circuit, a selection of short films by up and coming gay fimmakers from Singapore.

The network’s identity and presence is determined by its members’ interests and contributions are welcome from all. The network aims to be a flexible organisation with scope for all its members to make lasting contributions.

For more information and to register online go to www.creativesinergy.com