1 August 2012


The private view of  Soft Lines, Hard Edges was held at PUSH! (Pop-Up Singapore House) on 24th July 2012. The private view was held in conjunction with the Opening Nigh of PUSH!
New York based Singaporean ceramics artist Wee Hong-Ling and photographer Yap Lay-Bee’s exhibit Soft Lines, Hard Edges presents their range of new works. The idea of a sanctum and the sense of place tie the ceramic sculptures by Hong Ling and photography by Lay Bee in a permanent 3 month long exhibition of their works from 24th July till 23 September 2012.
Lay Bee's photographic journey is to explore and capture the life and flow of the city: its cityscape, buildings and spaces with play of lights, shadows, and intriguing sense of place. In each photograph, she wishes to capture an impression that could not be seen without the use of her camera. Hence, through the work, she strives to accentuate the lines, abstractness, fluidity and geometry of spaces. These photographs are her storybook of the City.

In Lulang Houses, the notion of a ‘house’ is a critical metaphor. This work is inspired by Wee’s travels to Tibet. The artist explores the elusive qualities that define a sanctum. Despite the serene exterior of the houses, the surfaces unfold a dynamic power occupying the interior, pushing against the inner surface in bulges and dents suggesting signs of life, energy and passion within. One is granted only limited access inside through the narrow slits of rectilinear portals. Wee eliminates the unnecessary and focuses on the home as the experience of a quiet space of comfort and relationships. The work purposes to conjure a sense of departure from the familiar and bring the viewer to a place of fantasy and imagination with the intent of finding a greater meaning and understanding of what is hidden away, just beyond the obvious.