11 July 2012

A Rainy Season Selected for PROJECT: slingSHORT

A Rainy Season by Alicia Lim has been selected for the 6th edition of PROJECT: slingSHORT. This year's screening is held in conjunction with PUSH! on Saturday 28th July at 3.00pm.

In a not-so-tolerant society, Yu Jie's parents account their struggles with raising an autistic child. One may never guess that 10-year-old Yu Jie was once classified as a severely autistic child just a couple of years ago. Despite his inability to fit into the mainstream education system, he is smart, intelligent and creative. A Rainy Season is a little sunshine, light-hearted glimpse of his life.

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Wednesday 8th August,
7.00 - 9.00pm
17 Dorset Square, London, NW1 6QB

Creative [SIN]ergy presents, PUSH! (Pop-Up Singapore House). A non-profit project in association with RSP Planet Design Studios, working in partnership with FARM and Platform 65 and supported by Singapore International Foundation. PUSH! presents an exciting summer of events, exhibitions, and workshops. Showcasing some of the best Singaporean talents from a diverse range of backgrounds including Visual, Literary, Theatrical, Design and Culinary Arts from around the globe in London.