28 July 2012

project showcase: {ART} Features Joanna Ng

Joanna Ng was born in 1989, on the sunny little island of Singapura. She has recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She has also exhibited as part of several group exhibitions such as Goldsmiths Debuts (Red Bull Studios), Produce (Blossoming Together CafĂ©) and Southeast Art Feast (Utrophia).

Joanna’s art practice is concerned with ‘things’ that inhabit our everyday. No, it is not that she has a weird fetish for inanimate things, but rather, she is entirely enchanted by how much we place so much of ourselves in objects that we forget what exactly they are. Through the use of illusion and double-take, she hopes to punctuate the everyday-ness of the everyday and evoke appreciation and curiosity within the viewer. As Georges Perec as quipped, ‘Question your teaspoons.’ 

Joanna Ng will be featured in project showcase: {ART} at PUSH! (Pop-Up Sinagpore House)

Join us for the private view of project showcase: {ART}
6 August 2012, 7PM - 9:30PM 
17 Dorset Square, London NW1 6QB

project showcase: {ART}
Exhibition runs from 6th August to 11th August
Opening Hours: 11am - 4pm