15 June 2012

Laser Installation at PUSH

Iyvone’s work examines perception through the experience of looking, revealed through the artificial when a situation is posed or a theme metaphorically explored. Her work investigates the essence of things in the fleetingness of reality. Contrasting themes in her work are nature and the Artificial. She uses light as a form of painting, space as an extension to the canvas and video as a polymorphic visual tool. 

Iyvone’s practise is deeply engaged with the materiality of light. the moving image when projected is a form of lighting; the image on screen is an expression of a reality, an artificial digital reality; an experience aimed to question human perception. She explores the ethereal yet sculptural qualities in light, this evidence is present in her light painting works, sculptures and video installations. 

Laser Installation by Iyvone Khoo will be presented at PUSH from 6th August to 19th August.

Creative [SIN]ergy presents, PUSH! (Pop-Up Singapore House). A non-profit project in association with RSP Planet Design Studios, working in partnership with FARM and Platform 65 and supported by Singapore International Foundation. PUSH! presents an exciting summer of events, exhibitions, and workshops. Showcasing some of the best Singaporean talents from a diverse range of backgrounds including Visual, Literary, Theatrical, Design and Culinary Arts from around the globe in London.