5 September 2010


Janita Han, Architect, FAT
Teow Yue Han, Media Student, NTU

Doors and windows are generic portals to the living space. They protect and frame the spaces, diving interior from exterior. On the facade they give structure and rhythm, offering a glimpse to the sizes of living spaces within. Close-up, they tantalise with the possibility of a space beyond the wall. Although merely a generic living space within a block of flats, numbers and objects surrounding the door and window marks that particular living space as unique. On the inside, doors and portals mark the entry point to a living space beyond. The apartment block in London and Singapore, the symbol of modern, concentrated city living, becomes the object of study in this comparative investigation.

These photographs are taken by Janita Han and Teow Yue Han as part of the Uniquely Singapore - Distinctively London? exhibition.