1 August 2010

Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City project, Features: Lilia Yip

Lilia Yip makes clothes and music with a human story.

Architecture is often referred to as the third space that exists beyond the human body. Fashion and Art then can be seen as delightful companions to architecture, with clothing creating the second space between fabric and skin while art delves into the human interior.

These pieces are part of larger collection of digitally printed artwork on clothing, cut to rectangular freeform shapes. They reflect Lilia’s minimal-maximalist approach to clothes, which is minimum cut, seam and waste, maximum effect in form, feeling and touch.

They propose a subtle and intimate form of design and art activism, where art and fashion combine to ask questions about urban human life: how we interact with each other, how we feel, what impact do we have on the environment and other living beings.

Lilia and Mona met by chance through the Victoria and Albert Museum, where Lilia was exhibiting and Mona was their artist-in-residence. Having grown up in Singapore and honed their creative skills abroad, their work embodies the essence of who they are and what makes them Singaporeans:
“ We are a unique blend of East to West, with a depth of heart that stems from our roots and an eye to the world, embracing its vastness and diversity.”