20 August 2010

PROJECT: slingSHORT part of [SIN]efest

Part of PROJECT: slingSHORT will once again be held in London. This screening presented by Creative [SIN]ergy in November 2010 is part of [SIN]efest, which is presented by Creative [SIN]ergy and Cinefest Productions. Curated by celebrated Singapore filmmaker/ Director, Boo Junfeng, this event is a 3 day film festival showcasing Singapore films to the UK audience.

The 5th edition of PROJECT: slingSHORT is curated by Kirsten Tan. Featuring a selection of 5 short films by up and coming filmmakers from Singapore.

PROJECT: slingSHORT is an ongoing series of Singapore short film screenings occurring annually. The selection of short films for each series comes from an ensemble of up and coming Singapore short filmmakers. A different Singapore short filmmaker will curate each screening. The out going curator will select the next curator from one of the filmmakers from the current screening.