5 July 2010

www.generi-city.net Launch Party

For more information visit www.generi-city.net On Saturday 3rd July 2010 Creative [SIN]ergy hosted the launch party for Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City project at the Foxcroft & Ginger on Berwick Street in Soho.

The event was well attended by both the Singapore community and the UK public.
Peter Murray, London Festival of Architecture Founding Director also made an
appearance at the event.

This event was in celebration of the launch of Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City
project web site.

Most of the correspondents have identified generic spaces which revealed a certain
degree of specificity and 'unique-ness' in each city (London and Singapore) during
the presentation; while questions on the validity of spaces selected for comparison
and what entails a 'unique' space in the analysis were raised during the discussions.

Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City project is part of London Festival of Architecture
Uniquely Singapore? a generi-City project Correspondents:

Kelvin Ang - Head of Heritage Studies, URA (SG)
Vince Ong - Architect, Fosters and Partners (UK)
Justin Zhuang - Writer, reclaimland.sg (SG)
Lingxiu Chong - Architectural Student, AA (UK)
Randy Tan - Director, ZARCH (SG)
Agnes Yit - Architectural Student, AA (UK)
May Anne Lee - Director, Makk Architects (SG)
Kevin Hung - Architect, Serie Architecture (UK)
Yue Han Teow - Media Student, NTU (SG)
Janita Han - Architect, Fashion Architecture Taste (F.A.T) (UK)
Yicheng Pan - Director, Project Architecture and the City (P.A.C) (SG)
Voon Wong - Director, voonwong&bensonsaw (UK)

Curated by:
Calvin Chua