19 February 2010

D.A.ACTIVIST collection Opening Night

Fresh from their Hong Kong exhibition, the D.A.ACTIVIST collection by fashion designer, Lilia Yip and print artist Mona Choo opened in London on the 11th February.

Opening night saw a steady flow of visitors coming to peruse and touch the clothes, listen to the collection soundtrack while snacking on some Singapore snacks.
Everyone had a favourite piece of clothing and a favourite snack (green pea, broad bean or the orange rectangular one that doesn't have a name).
Taking its starting point from a photograph by Finnish photographer Jan Kaila of the beautiful eccentric Mr. Elis Sinistö, wearing a life-size rectangular board round his neck - like a man wearing a work of art. D.A.ACTIVIST is a womenswear collection of artwork on clothing cut to freeform rectangular shapes, made within an ethical practice.

The exhibition runs till the 28th February at :
Austin Gallery
119a Bethnal Green Road (opposite Brick Lane), London E2 7DG
Opening times : Mon-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun till 10.30pm