17 February 2010

Uniquely Singapore? brainstorm

Creative [SIN]ergy will be participating in this year's London Festival of Architecture. The current working title for this project is "Uniquely Singapore? The Generic City". This brainstorm meeting was conducted by Creative [SIN]ergy member Calvin Chua, which was held on Saturday 13th February 2010 at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

Currently the project will take place in 3 forms:
Website: This website will consist of 6 types of spaces for the (global) public to respond to. It will form the background for the project discussion and exhibition.

Exhibition: This will be a "milestone" exhibition in Jun 2010 which will consist of photos of the 6 types of spaces produced by a group of architects / architectural groups in both Singapore and London, where each pair (one Singapore, one London) will address one of the spatial types. Similar to the Crystal Chain Letters group, the run up to this exhibition will involve the exchanges of texts and photographs between the two participants as a form of dialogue on the spaces. This will culminate into them select 4 key images to exhibit in the exhibition, together with a publication on their letters and photograph exchanges.

Further Project Development: The website and exhibition will collectively form a pool of information for us to tap into to construct a project based on the issues raised through the photographs. These issues are by no means solely an architectural one, they can be or should be extrapolated into addressing larger social political issues in Singapore, as spaces are by default means of governance.