23 February 2010

à la folie (like crazy) selected for PROJECT: slingSHORT

à la folie (like crazy) / 11mins 30sec / Digibeta /2008
by Sanif Olek

Sanif Olek / à la folie (like crazy)
Sanif graduated from Singapore’s premier film school, The Department of Film, Sound & Video at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 1996. In 2001, he continued his film studies at the School of Media, Communication & Culture at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Media.

Sanif’s capacity as a content creator and director has consistently earned him numerous awards in television. In his previous works, Sanif demonstrated a capacity to excite his audiences with humor and move them with melancholia. His unique perspective makes his work more insightful and informative.

Beyond television Sanif is also making his mark as a filmmaker. He is in-production for his debut film feature, "The Missing Ingredient". Visit www.reeljuice.net for details.

Lost Sole | LOVE trilogy #1 (short film).
à la folie “like crazy” | LOVE trilogy #2 (short film)
Ameen | LOVE trilogy #3 (short film; post-production)
Ramuan Rahasia “The Missing Ingredient” (feature film debut, 2010; in-production)

Award: Best Short Film @ 4th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2009
(NETPAC – Network For the Promotion of Asian Cinema)

Director's Statement:
à la folie “like crazy”, is a simple story of love, manipulation and revenge that was inspired by the classical Ramayana text. It was produced from my desire for a less structured filmmaking style. I had just completed 6 months of shoot for a television drama series, a process of which was largely structured by the needs of commercial television and scripted narrative. For the cathartic experience, I chose to deconstruct the Ramayana - the greatest love story ever told - and jazz it up with rock-and-roll. With just a concept, a camera and no script, I devised with my actors over 2 nights. Furthermore, I’ve always wanted to work in a filming process where I can be intimate with my actors. In tune with the origins of the original text, ‘Little India’ at Serangoon Road in Singapore, became the set-up for this improvisation.

Film Synopsis:
Sinta and Arjuna, a pair of lovers, reunite after a period of break-up. Back together,
Sinta confides in Arjuna her time with Rawana and a big showdown ensues in this post-modern re-interpretation of the classic Ramayana.