12 February 2010

Hush Baby selected for PROJECT: slingSHORT

Hush Baby / 4min / Digital Betacam /2009
by Tan Wei Keong

Born in 1984 in Singapore, Wei Keong’s first animated short film White was awarded Special Achievement Award at the 20th Singapore International Film Festival. Wei Keong graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation at Nanyang Technological University. Hush Baby, awarded Special Mention at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival, marks his second animated short film effort.

Director's Statement:
Hush Baby aims to capture life’s ‘innocence’ from its beginning and traces its struggle for liberation.

Since infancy, all of us have been told what actions are right and wrong; what is acceptable and not. Under this institutionalised, perhaps suppressive, discipline, we exist according to rules and restrictions.

The film portrays the interaction between an inquisitive character and a dominant being that, like a parent, means well, but whose concern manifests itself as manipulation. However, life can perhaps be more beautiful beyond the wall of protocol.

Film Synopsis:
A curious baby is protected from an environment of temptation.