29 January 2010

D.A.ACTIVIST 2010 by Lilia Yip and Mona Choo

Creative [SIN]ergy members Lilia Yip and Mona Choo presents,
D.A.ACTIVIST 2010 is a womenswear collection of digitally printed artwork on soft structured draped clothing. In this exhibition, art and fashion combine to ask questions about human life: how we live, what impact do we have on the environment and other living beings.

A subtle and intimate form of design and art activism, which is the antithesis yet silent accomplice of the emotional barrage that overloads the urban human today.

This touring exhibition made its debut in Hong Kong in November 2009 and will be on show in London from 5th to 28th February 2010.

Exhibition details: Date : 5th - 28th February 2010
Venue : Austin Gallery, 119a Bethnal Green Road,
E2 7DG London.
Opening times: Mon-Sat 10 am to midnight, Sun till 10.30 pm