11 December 2009

Ernest Goh featured at Singapore Encore in Brussels

Ernest Goh's photography series Play, was recently featured at the Visual Arts exhibition for Singapore Encore in Brussels on Wednesday, 25th November 2009 at the Musical Instruments Museum. This event was organised in partnership with the Singapore Embassy in Belgium. In attendances were about 150 dignitaries from the diplomatic, business and cultural sectors of Belgian society.Play (Singapore Kites Series) is a series of night-scapes Ernest Goh produced while documenting the sport of remote-control kite flying in Singapore. Every week, enthusiasts pilot kites attached with LED lights, illuminating the night sky with a riot of colours. But their ghostly flight paths are only visible when captured by long-exposure photography. The night sky was his black canvas while the kites were his multi-coloured brushes. Ernest simply allowed the both of them to meet in his viewfinder.
Play was featured in Canvas, a photography book specially created for the International Monetary Fund meeting in Singapore in 2006.