18 December 2009

Creative [SIN]ergy organises AEP Talks

Creative [SIN]ergy recently organised at talk for A Level AEP (Art Elective Programme) Students visiting from Singapore. These talks were held at Hillspring Lodge on Saturday 12 December 2009. The group were made up of 40 students and 4 teachers from the AEP.

Creative [SIN]ergy members Angeline Yam, Brian Tan, Sarah Huijie Cai and Supei Ho were presented at the talks.

The talks were an insight to the practical and real aspect of the creative industry from people who are currently in the creative industry in the UK. This included the sharing of experience and some samples of their work.

Sarah, an AEP alumnus herself, covered aspects of a student life perusing her MA in Graphic Design, while Supei shared her experience of a post graduate Fashion Designer looking for work in the creative industry. Both Angeline and Brian, touched on their experiences as young professionals having worked in the UK for 5 years.