22 October 2009

PROJECT: slingSHORT09 Film Synopsis

National Day / 19min / HD / 2009
by He Shuming
Wei has finally collected enough National Day Parade tickets for his whole family. But National Day happens to coincide with the 7th day after his father's sudden death. The family foregoes the Parade to observe a traditional family custom - waiting for the father's soul to return home before its final journey into the afterlife.

à la folie (like crazy)
/ 11mins 30sec / Digibeta /2008
by Sanif Olek
Sinta and Arjuna, a pair of lovers, reunite after a period of break-up. Back together, Sinta confides in Arjuna her time with Rawana and a big showdown ensues in this post-modern re-interpretation of the classic Ramayana.

Er Ren (For Two)
/ 17min / Digi Video / 2009
by Tan Shijie
A lonely widower lives a quiet existence, still longing for his deceased wife. Within his sparse apartment inhabits a furtive woman, who does not meet him face-to-face yet participates in a life “together” with him – eating his food and taking care of the house when he is gone. When the fragile reality of this life “together” threatens to become too real for either to take, both Man and Woman must react. Inspired by true events, For Two is a story about relationships and the illusions of them.

/14min / HD / 2007
by Ho Tzu Nyen
Based on a story by the 19th Century Greek writer Lafcadio Hearn, who settled in Japan as Koizumi Yakumo, this film is a parable about how man is a creature that perpetually cannot see beyond his own reflection.

Hush Baby
/ 4min / Digital Betacam /2009

by Tan Wei Keong
A curious baby is protected from an environment of temptation.

/ 10min 42 sec / 16mm / 2009

by Kirsten Tan
A sink sitting in the low tides. A boy playing by the beach. A chance meeting. “Sink” is a distilled exploration of innocence and experience, love and loss; an intimation of what might lie beyond.

Tanjong Rhu
/ 18 min / HD /2009

by Boo Junfeng
A former military officer seeks closure by making a documentary film about a man whom he had furtively encountered in Tanjong Rhu many years ago.

Tanjong Rhu is a secluded beach on the east coast of Singapore, and a popular cruising ground for gay men. In an entrapment exercise in 1993, 12 men were arrested there and sentenced to imprisonment and caning. This is a fictionalised account of what has happened since then to one of these men.