14 October 2009

1 of nine in aid of Breast Cancer Care

Thank you again for a great event, all the artists were brilliant!
- Anita Jerkovic

Thanks, I certainly enjoyed it, some great talent on display.
- Ben Jones

Another successful event organised by Creative [SIN]ergy. 1 of nine is a charity fundraiser in aid of Breast Cancer Care and was attended by 73 people. The event was held at Toynbee Hall in the East End on 10th October 2009 during breast cancer awareness month.

1 of nine was an afternoon of Music and Art featuring collaborations between Musicians, Artists and Designers, resulting in a cross disciplinary effort of performance pieces and a charity auction. The name 1 of nine refers to the probability during the overall life expectancy of a women, 1 in 9 may suffer from breast cancer. It also refers to the participants, which are made up of 9 pairs consisting of 9 musicians and 9 artists/ designers coming together for 1 cause.The Afternoon started with a tea reception where guest were treated to a lovely exhibition curated by Siti Osman, featuring works by 1 of nine participants Kok Loong Wong, Lilia Yip, Mohyin Kwan, Sarah Cai and Virginie Litzler, Mathilda Holmqvist. The works were all for sale with a few pieces auctioned off at the end of the afternoon to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.The performance segment of the event began with a lovely heartfelt appreciation speech by Breast Cancer Care volunteer, Sharon. Opening the event was Fontane Liang and Song Ming Ang with an improvisational and experimental music piece. The following music performance was a time-laps photography film by Louis Lau which was made up of over 2000 photographs. This was played to an accordion piece by Shzr Ee Tan.

Following that, Poulenc's sonata with Video by Curator Siti Osman and Shaun Ho on Violin, accompanied on the piano by Ziliang Song. The video (untitled) is by an Portuguese artist, Bruno Jamaica, who is based in London and Berlin. Bruno is a trained sculptor and landscape artist, who works mainly with elastic strings. Poulenc's piece was expressive and punctuated with explosive bursts of highs and lows. The performance conveyed freedom of movement in the open wind, it speaks of uncertainties, tension and hope. The piece capture the audience with assertive music but also instill hope for Breast Cancer.

Next up was
a music performance with moving images by Cellist Juan Lim and Architect Kok Loong Wong. The idea of their collaboration was inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of looking at things. Wabi -Sabi - to seek beauty in things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. As an emotional response to what Kok Loong Wong created, Juan Lim chose the dissonant, ambient music of the Cello Sonata by George Crumb, to represent the notions of imperfection and sorrow. Yet out of that imperfection there should arise perfection, hence the choice of the Prelude from the G major Cello Suite by Johann Sebastian Bach, who wrote some of the most perfect and uplifting music in Western art. After the break, audience were treated to a music performance with spoken words by Yao Cong Tan and Rosaline Ting, featuring: Su-Lin Looi. Su-Lin read a short story entitled, Splinter Under Your Skin by Rosaline Ting accompanied by Yao Cong Tan on Tuba. Following that, a music performance with Film by Grace Lee on Violin and Sarah Cai accompanied on Piano by Ziliang Song.

This was followed by a music performance
by Soprano, Eeping Yee and Adam Loh, a ex-resident DJ at Zouk. In the absence of Adam Loh, Eeping was accompanied by Fontane Liang. Eeping Yee sung Morgen, a lovely poetic piece by Strauss and a touching and all time opera favourite, O mio babbino caro by Puccini.

Next up was a experimental piece of music inspired by water
presented by Jonathan Ang who play on the Piano, Mbira and a Glass Sculpture by Mohyin Kwan as an accompanying instrument. This experimental piece gave them an opportunity to combine music and art together. These tunes were played to a photo montage of the glass sculpture.

The performance segment ended with a lovely 3min poetic short film entitled, In Blackwater Woods, which was shot on Super8. Directed by Fashion Designer Lilia Yip and Jessica Kneipp and edited by Tarjona Karhu. In Blackwater Woods was narrated by Lilia Yip and features an original score composed by classical pianist Ziliang Song, whihc was performed live that afternoon.The afternoon ended with 2 artworks auction off to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care. These items include a screen print by Sarah Cai and a painting by Kok Loong Wong.
1 of nine ended with a post reception where the audience got a chance to meet and socialise with the performers.
1 of nine is supported by: The Singapore High Commission in UK, Overseas Singaporean Unit and Yeo's, with special Thanks to Mrs Teo.

In aid of: Breast Cancer Care

Musicians involved:
Eeping Yee / Fontane Liang / Grace Lee / Jonathan Ang / Juan Lim / Shaun Ho / Shzr Ee Tan / Yao Cong Tan / Ziliang Song

Artists/ Designers involved:
Adam Loh / Kok Loong Wong / Lilia Yip / Louis Lau / Mohyin Kwan / Rosaline Ting (featuring: Su-Lin Looi) / Sarah Cai / Siti Osman / Song Ming Ang