24 September 2009

1 of nine - 2nd rehearsal snippet

Click here to watch the snippet on Creative [SIN]ergy Channel.

Creative [SIN]ergy had its 2nd rehearsal for 1 of nine on 20th Sept at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
1 of nine is a collaborative project between Musicians and Artist/ Designers. This was the 1st gather of the Musicians and Artists to try and rehearse, workshop and experiment together.

1 of nine refers to the probability during the overall life expectancy of a women, 1 out of 9 may suffer from breast cancer. It also refers to the participants made up of 9 musicians and 9 artist/ designers.

Musicians involved:
Eeping Yee / Fontane Liang / Grace Lee / Jonathan Ang / Juan Lim / Shaun Ho / Shzr Ee Tan / Yao Cong Tan / Ziliang Song

Artists/ Designers involved:
Adam Loh / Kok Loong Wong / Lilia Yip / Louis Lau / Mohyin Kwan / Rosaline Ting (featuring: Su-Lin Looi) / Sarah Cai / Siti Osman / Song Ming Ang