28 August 2009

Oogachaga Thanks Creative [SIN]ergy for support

Oogachaga recently held Outrace on Saturday 15th August 2009. The event was very successful and they had more than 50 participants covering 6 pit stops within 4 hours. Not only did the participants received attractive prizes and goodie bags, they also had the opportunity to learn more about various places of significant value in Singapore's LGBT communities.

"On behalf of the organisers and volunteers, big thank you to Creative [SIN]ergy for your support on OutRace 2009, which is part of the youth initiative by OC in 2009.

cheers...Bryan"Outrace is an event organised by Oogachaga during Indignation 2009. The funds raised during the sold out screening of Creative [SIN]ergy's Short Circuit - London help aid in the funding of two of Oogachaga’s youth initiatives this year. These two events are organised together with volunteers from two other small youth groups, namely Youth Out Here and Dirrtyremixes.

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