5 August 2009

A6 /future/ Illustrator's Kit

This was the illustrator's kit that was mailed to all 22 illustrators participating in A6 /future/. This starter kit was to help them kick start the process of the collaboration. Included in the kit were step by step instructions and a blank postcard for participants to illustrate their questions. This illustrator's kit was designed by Creative [SIN]ergy's Brian Chia.

Creative [SIN]ergy presents,

A6 /future/ - a collaboration between 22 illustrators from both Singapore and the UK. Supported by The Singapore International Foundation, The Central Illustration Agency and Tiger Beer. A6 /future/ invites these artists to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams about their future through the use of A6 sized postcards.For more information about A6 /future/ please email info@creativesinergy.com